Interview with PETAs Melissa White

Here is part one of our three part interview with PETAs Melissa White. Enjoy!   Below are the questions and responses from my interview with PETAs Melissa White.   1.       What exactly is PETA? & What do you do for the organization? “PETA is an animal rights organization with more than 6.5 million supporters. PETA focuses […]

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GUIDE To Going Vegan #2

By Demetri Thomas Going vegan, there has to be a reason why you decided to change your diet. For me, I literally woke up one random morning, smelled bacon in the air, and was disgusted by the smell of it. That’s after eating meat for fourteen years. Since then, I haven’t eaten meat at all […]

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The Nightmare of Fur

By Demetri Thomas For some, fur is essential. Its the ideal part of an outfit. But let me tell you something. Your outfit, It’s screaming. Just like every industry that uses animals for products, it’s a nightmare for the animals. You may think that what you’re wearing is fashionable; but in my eyes, its sick. […]

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Public Shamming Is Cruel

By Demetri Thomas Protest are a common thing around the world. Its a way for people to speak their minds and fight against certain issues. When it comes to protest, there is one thing thing that I do not agree with; and thats public shamming. Many people try to make the fur industry look bad […]

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Guide to Going Vegan #1

 By Demetri Thomas Whether your going vegan for a “cleanse week” or your going vegan forever. This guide is to help you with the transition. Going vegan isnt easy. I say that not because its hard to stop eating meat, because it isnt. I say that because going vegan in a world filled with so […]

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Just A Little About Myself

By Demetri Thomas I normally do not like to talk about my personal life or myself at all. But, I’ve decided to anyways. How should I begin this? I was born August 28th, 1999 at Shady Grove Hospital in Gaithersburg, MD to a white Irish-Scottish mother and an African American father. I grew up moving […]

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NEVER Leave An Animal Behind

By Demetri Thomas During tough situation, it can be tricky at the heat of the moment to make a good decision. While Hurricane season takes place, you always hear stories of animals being tied to trees and left behind to die in a painful death; which is really messed up no matter how hard the […]

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