Stop Listening to the Lies

By Demetri Thomas Don’t believe them when they tell you that we are all going to live on mars. Earth is the only place you have to live your life. There isn’t an alternative place to live like NASA has been telling everyone for a decade. We need to start cleaning up this Earth, our […]

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BP’s next disaster?

BP are at it again. The company that devastated the Gulf of Mexico with its Deepwater Horizon disaster wants to drill for oil near the pristine Amazon Reef. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, I know… If BP’s extreme drilling causes a spill, it could spell disaster for the Reef and the wider area. We […]

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Project Protect Eats!

Project Protect will begin traveling the world, visiting vegan and vegetarian restaurants for the plant based community. There aren’t a lot of vegan food critics which is why we are taking charge. We will also begin to provide food recipes we have made ourselves. Our Go Vegan page will feature everything we will cover so […]

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Save “Our” Seas

By Demetri Thomas, 6/12/17; 12:43 PM   The reason why I say “Our” Seas is because the majority of the contents in the Ocean is ours. Excluding marine life. All the trash we release in the waters; all the plastic that kills beautiful creatures. It’s all ours and it’s all our fault. But lets try […]

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What Is A Glacier?

By Demetri Thomas; 6/10/17, 9:18 PM One thing that I haven’t seen in person yet is a glacier. Seeing them in pictures and videos isn’t the same as seeing one in person. And i’m afraid that I may never get to see one. With the lack of protecting the earth, climate change is advancing very quickly and […]

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