What Is A Glacier?

By Demetri Thomas; 6/10/17, 9:18 PM

One thing that I haven’t seen in person yet is a glacier. Seeing them in pictures and P.P. Black Logovideos isn’t the same as seeing one in person. And i’m afraid that I may never get to see one. With the lack of protecting the earth, climate change is advancing very quickly and the ice is melting as we all have been aware of for some time now. I’m afraid that whenever someone says the word glacier, it’s going to be in the form of a question. “What is a glacier?” What we need to do is work together, every single country, communist or not. We need to fight as one and protect this earth. Lower our energy use, our pollution, and our waste. We need to reverse climate change.

Join Project Protect and help fight to reverse climate change!



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