Save “Our” Seas

By Demetri Thomas, 6/12/17; 12:43 PM



The reason why I say “Our” Seas is because the majority of the contents in the Ocean is ours. Excluding marine life. All the trash we release in the waters; all the plastic that kills beautiful creatures. It’s all ours and it’s all our fault. But lets try and change that. It will take a lot of work and effort to keep our oceans clean, but its worth it!


Something I have been doing recently is whenever I buy a soda or water, I reuse the plastic every time, and it feels good doing it. Recycling is great but having worked in a trash company before, Here is something you should always do when recycling. When recycling plastic bottles, always take the caps off because if not, they will just be thrown with the trash and end up in the waters because on the line, you don’t have time to take caps off of bottles. Know what can be recycled. Do some research for your area because it differs from place to place.

When fishing; although I do not condone fishing. Don’t leave your hooks in the water because from my personal experience; it may end up in your foot and it isn’t fun taking them out.

I know it may be hard to resist while swimming, but don’t piss in the water. Would you like it if someone peed where you sleep at?

The ocean is beautiful and we should take care of it. When visiting the beach, and you see trash, please! Pick it up and dispose of it properly. I takes a good soul to do so. Lets protect our oceans and clean it up!



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