Stop Listening to the Lies

By Demetri Thomas

Don’t believe them when they tell you that we are all going to live on mars.

Earth is the only place you have to live your life. There isn’t an alternative place to live like NASA has been telling everyone for a decade. We need to start cleaning up this Earth, our Earth because its all we have. We need to stand against governments that look to kill us all and destroy our home.

Do you think stepping out of the Paris Climate Accord was a good thing?

I surely don’t and its just another step in the wrong direction away from the good one. Donald Trump isn’t the first president of the United States to not believe in climate change, just like Barack Obama. But the thing about Obama is he saw what was happening to the world and changed his mind and tried his best to get on a good path for the Earth. Trump just destroyed decades of work just by walking away from the Paris Climate Accords.

We have been blinded from the reality of whats going on and whats really going on, don’t worry, ill tell you the truth. We are fucked! It pains me to say it, but we really are. Yes! There are people like myself who stand for change. But there is always that one person to stand in our way. We just need to move them aside. ACT NOW! Stand up. Keep letting them hear your voice. I don’t want to die without changing the power in this world. I want us all to stand together and fight the power.

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