We Need To Value What’s Been Here Before Us

Written by Demetri Thomas on 7/16/17

As a race, we seem to take what we have for granted. We don’t appreciate what has been here before us made by the unknown. There are a select few of us who do value the things we have, but most of us don’t. The only time we seem to care about what happens to the life made for us to take care of is when it is thrown in our faces by the mass media.

Nature is dying everyday and tress, our oxygen are cut down for human needs without thinking about the one thing we truly need, oxygen. I’ve seen one rain forest in my lifetime. Back in June of 2016, I visited Puerto Rico just to see El Yunque National Forest before it ends up disappearing like most due. Its reported by the World Resources Institute, more than 80 percent of the Earth’s natural forests already have been destroyed. It is crazy to think that 80% of Earth’s natural forest have been destroyed. Basically, what we see when we drive around the world are just trees that were planted. Nothing that planted itself, if that makes any sense.

Do we really need to use paper? With the way technology has advance, do we really need to use it? I mean, hell! Books are all online now. Who goes to a bookstore anymore? I still do to be honest. But once your Barnes & Nobles shutdown, which they eventually will, everything will go to an online market. For homes, there are other innovative ways to live without your house being made of wood. I plan on buying a shipping container and converting it into a house. It can be done and it can look beautiful!

I want to live in a world where I know nature is safe. I want to be able to visit a rain forest that’s thriving with life! I want to see animals enjoying their life in the forest. I don’t want to see cut down trees everywhere and houses going up!

We need to protect our forest more. Just because we have national parks doesn’t mean we are doing anything major. More needs to be done before it’s too late.



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