Guide to Going Vegan #1

 By Demetri Thomas Whether your going vegan for a “cleanse week” or your going vegan forever. This guide is to help you with the transition. Going vegan isnt easy. I say that not because its hard to stop eating meat, because it isnt. I say that because going vegan in a world filled with so […]

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Project Protect Eats!

Project Protect will begin traveling the world, visiting vegan and vegetarian restaurants for the plant based community. There aren’t a lot of vegan food critics which is why we are taking charge. We will also begin to provide food recipes we have made ourselves. Our Go Vegan page will feature everything we will cover so […]

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Take The Animal Out Of Sugar

This may have been something that threw you off i’m guessing. You may say to yourself, “There isn’t any animal in sugar”. On the contrary. It took a lot of digging and finding the truth to learn that some sugar companies use animal bone (bone char) to make their sugar look white. Now their are […]

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What “YOU” Need To Do

Written by Demetri Thomas  I have always wanted to live in a free world. I’ve wanted to be able to walk outside, breath the fresh air, and live my life my way; which I have. But I would think animals would want the same. Animals are slaves and nothing more to the eyes of meat eaters. They […]

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Vegan Recipe #1

A recipe that I tried just a short while ago; which I found on The Vegan Club’s Instagram page is a Rainbow Veggie Pasta. It tasted fantastic and it was simple to make. Below is everything you’ll need to know and what to do:  1 8oz pack of gluten free vegan veggie pasta For the […]

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